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Scott was born in Long Beach California in 1966. He then moved to Northern California in 1974 and has been living in the Bay Area ever since.

His parents owned a cabin on Donner Lake were Scott learned to water-skied and knee boarded when he was young. He continued to water -ski until he was able to buy his own boat, a 16' Rinenell I/O with a four cylinder/140HP engine. As you can imagine it was very hard to get up on a single ski, so hard in fact that he could not get up. Scott's friend was there with his PWC wakeboarding, He said, "try this! It takes less power to get up on the water". He handed his wakeboard to him and Scott immediately fell in love with the sport and has been riding ever since.

Ever since that first boat Scott has had other boats and spent thousand of hours riding, driving and teaching.

A few years back Scott received formal training. This helped has riding dramatically in his search for knowledge and expertise's in the wakeboarding sport. But Scott found that this instruction was confusing and contradictory. This inspired him to develop a method of teaching that was informative and understandable to every one.

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Phone Numbers are (408) 446-3583 or toll free at 1 866 925-2673.
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