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S&M Wakeboarding provides all day lessons. Most of our instruction is done on the California Delta but we also provide mobile clinics and adventures. Here is a list of instruction packages that we provide.

Instruction Lessons
  1. Instruction Lessons are limited to four students, permitting a more personal teaching environment which we feel is very important for those of you who are starting out.
  2. The sessions are from 8AM to 5PM with as much of that time on the water as possible.
  3. Video review is used during the day to help the students correct their mistakes instantly.
  4. We also have a video library so you can check out those tricks you want to try.
The Ride Lesson
  1. Ride lessons are limited to 6 students.
  2. Instruction is provided however video instruction is not.
  3. The sessions are from 8AM to 5pm with as much time on the water as possible.
Personal Lessons
  1. One on one instruction is available at request and should be scheduled with one of our coaches in advance.

Call us to set up a weekend of fun in the sun!
Phone Numbers are (408) 446-3583 or toll free at 1 866 925-2673.
eMail smwakeboarding@yahoo.com

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