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Mick is an experienced wakeboarder with six years of riding under his belt. He also has a passion for the sport that has inspired him to spend a lot of time and energy in research and training. Along with his own trial and error he has spent time in Florida training with pro riders Kyle Shmit and Glenn Fletcher. He also has experience competing on a amateur level.

Mick has been trained in CPR, first aid, water rescue and coast guard boating procedures.

Mick's favorite riders are,
  1. Parks Bonifay: for his balls out style and his contribution to pushing the sport to its most outer limits.
  2. Scott Byerly: because he has lots of tattoos.
  3. Gerry Nunn: because he is my age and gives me hope.

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Phone Numbers are (408) 446-3583 or toll free at 1 866 925-2673.
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